If I need a temporary storage or POD, do I need approval? If so, what is the process?

Sometimes temporary storage units or POD’s are needed to facilitate moving and or renovations. PODS are allowed and are covered in Paragraph 3.22 of the CC&R’s stated below. For any questions you may have, contact the ACC.

Section 3.22 Portable On Demand Storage Units (PODS) [Doc # 00320940, Vol 1633, April 30, 2018]
Portable on demand storage units, cargo containers and all similar objects or structures (hereinafter collectively called “PODS”) are allowed to be used within the subdivision. Any resident using a POD shall notify a member of the WaterStone Architectural Control Committee PRIOR to having the POD delivered to the property. The PODS must be removed within sixty days (60) of arrival on the property. PODS can be used in case of emergencies as approved by the WaterStone Architectural Control Committee, however the PODS shall not be allowed to remain on the property for more than ninety days (90) without the prior approval of the WaterStone Architectural Control Committee.