Who do I contact in case of both an emergency or non-emergency within WaterStone?

Depending on your situation, here are entities to contact:

  • Option 1: Emergency – Call 911
    • You can also Call Kendall County Sheriff Office Dispatch at 830-249-8645. Give the Dispatcher the following information: (1) Your Name, (2) Address, (3) Phone Number, and (4) Gate Code. The Dispatcher will log the information into the County’s Computerized Dispatch System. In an emergency, your code (scrambled for security) will be relayed to the emergency responders.
    • There are currently two EMS stations – one located on the north end of Main Street in Boerne and a second located in Comfort. Neither share personnel nor facilities with any of the volunteer fire departments in Kendall County.
  • Option 2: For Fires – Bergheim Volunteer Fire Department (830-336-2590, Fire Protection Overview).
    • Emergency dial 9.1.1
    • See fire dept FAQ page for frequently asked questions.
    • A fire truck generally shows up for emergencies where EMS is called because the firefighters can provide first aid to assist the patient before the EMS arrive and extra manpower to assist EMS on scene. In some instances the fire department may arrive before the EMS unit and can stabilize the person(s) for EMS to transport.
  • Options 3: For non-emergency security reasons – Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, Office- (830) 249-9721